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In Santa Barbara


SANTA BARBARA is taking tough measures to cope with a regional drought going on its seventh year. One such move is a lawn watering ban, complete with drought officers” who will cite offenders. Santa
discount ray bans Barbara is the first city in southern California to take such a step, though nearby Montecito and Goleta are also taking measures that include putting limits on water use and fining those who exceed them.

The rest of California is not as hard put as the central coastal region. The snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas, which provides most of the water for much of the state, is said to be sufficient this year.

But the area from Monterey to Santa Barbara has been hard hit. The move was an attempt to limit growth in the area. A vote is expected this fall on whether to build a new aqueduct to tunnel into the state water supply. The city is also looking into alternative water sources, including a desalination plant.

In the meantime, the Santa Barbara City Council is focusing on conservation. Last week it approved the ban on lawn watering to help cope with the 43 percent water shortfall. The council also voted to
cheap ray bans prohibit washing buildings, boats, and cars, as well as emptying and filling swimming pools. City drought officers hand out a warning for a first offense; a second offense carries a fine of up to $250. A fourth violation could bring a shut off of the water supply entirely.

The last time lawn watering was banned in the state was in 1977 in Marin County, says Dean Thompson, staff member of the drought center at the California Department of Water Resources.

These are emergency conditions,” says Bill Ferguson, water development planner for the city. Lake Cachuma, [the city’s main water supply], is under 25 percent of capacity. Even a big rain wouldn’t help much.”

Santa Barbara’s City Council did not want this city’s flora and fauna to dry up entirely. Trees and shrubs can be watered by hand using buckets or by a drip irrigation system. Car washes that recycle water can still operate, and the golf course can keep its greens green until a system using reclaimed sewer water is in place.

Initially, the Santa Barbara lawn watering ban will have a tremendous impact on gardeners, many of whom are low income Hispanic workers, says Martin Senn, president of the California Association of Nurserymen’s local chapter. But those who can adjust to working with drip irrigation systems will stay in business.

I used to mow once a week for my customers,” says gardener Ray Cardenas. Now it’s once a month.”

The ban also is bad news for Santa Barbara’s nurseries. This will change people’s thinking forever,” says Steve Johnson, a sales representative for a Los Angeles plant company. Whether it rains
cheap ray bans or doesn’t rain, this is going to change buying trends dramatically.”

Nursery operators in drought areas are more waterwise in the way we operate and in our attitude toward the customer,” says Mr. Senn Nurseries are promoting more drought resistant plants.”

Restaurants are also affected. Though business has generally not dried up, the customary glass of water is out of vogue. At the Beachside Caf’e in Goleta, a waiter apologizes because I can’t give you folks water automatically. If I did, I’d get fired, and the restaurant would get a
fake ray bans $500 fine.”

Residents have grown waterwise as well. Low flow toilets, and water saving shower heads and faucets are common. Yet, some say not enough has been done.

Until people turn on the faucet and no water comes out, they don’t take it seriously,” says Jan Evans, vice president of government relations at the Santa Barbara Board of Realtors.

March water bills will, however, catch a lot of people’s attention,” says William Ferguson, director of Santa Barbara’s water conservation department. Those bills are expected to rise from $18 to $76 a month, he says.Articles Connexes?

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res sous surveillance

La pluie et le mercure qui devrait grimper pr de 10 vendredi forcent
replica ray ban sunglasses les autorit surveiller de pr les niveaux des rivi m si pour
cheap ray ban outlet l’instant, la situation n’est pas encore jug

Le portrait pourrait par contre changer rapidement la semaine prochaine, alors que des temp plus
cheap ray bans chaudes sont pr temps sera encore incertain, mais on se rapproche des normales de saison, entre 3 et 5 mentionne Simon Legault, m pour Environnement Canada.

pourrait atteindre des seuils d’inondations si les temp chaudes sont maintenues. Pour l’instant, c’est encore froid. On a un d tr bas explique France Sylvie Loiselle, porte parole la S civile.

M son de cloche du c d’Hydro M qui pr des d apr le 7 avril. reste quand m l’affut puisque les petites rivi en milieu urbain risquent de r mentionne Sabrina Cardin Ouellet, hydrologue, en parlant des rivi Jaunes, Lorrette et Du Berger. la plupart des rivi le couvert de glace est toujours en
replica ray bans place ajoute t elle.

Les quelque 10 attendus vendredi ne seront malheureusement qu’une printani puisque le froid et la neige seront de retour samedi, jusqu’ la semaine prochaine. journ de dimanche et lundi seront passablement froides avec des temp de 10 et 15 affirme M. Legault.Articles Connexes?

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A psychedelic Bible ride at Disneyland April 30

Search the Archive:

April 30, 2004Back to the table of Contents PageClassifiedsPalo Alto OnlinePublication Date: Friday, April 30, 2004

A psychedelic Bible ride at Disneyland A psychedelic Bible ride at Disneyland
fake ray bans (April 30, 2004) Palo Alto Players’ production of ‘Joseph’ sparkles with camp and color by Ben MarksIt was about halfway through the big "Joseph’s Coat" song and dance number that I finally gave in to the Palo Alto Players’ production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," now on stage at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto. The precise moment of my surrender occurred when each of Joseph’s 11 brothers held a hem of his famously hued garment aloft as Joseph did a slow pirouette, creating a mesmerizing twirling circle of polychrome. On the one hand, what I was witnessing was nothing more than a silly sight gag straight out of Busby Berkeley. But silly or not, it was compelling enough to make me put down my pen, drop my pretentious pseudo intellectual guard and finally begin to is everyone sitting down? enjoy myself. Meanwhile, back in Canaan, Joseph’s brothers are starving so they crawl to
discount ray bans Egypt, first to plead for food and then to beg for forgiveness from their brother. Bush and Ariel Sharon) and the effect such unbalanced affections might have on the son’s brothers (read Yassar Arafat, et al). Geesman makes the most of a talented and energetic cast, milking every drop of camp out of this desert camel. When, for example, the brothers sell off Joseph, they do so as "West Side Story" toughs wearing Ray Bans. Luna), whose aggressive sexual advances which the poor boy is unable to fend off land Joseph in jail. O’Keefe, who belts out her musical narration with easy confidence and sly good humor. Nathan Beason’s voice, though not as strong as O’Keefe’s, is alternately tinged with innocence and flashes of anger, depending on the requirements of the scene. As for his acting and stage presence, his performance reminded me a great deal of Ewan McGregor in "Moulin Rouge." Keep an eye on this guy. Whatever. By that point I was actually quite content to see these actors enjoy their bows. Besides, looking for
replica ray bans a logical conclusion to a musical like "Joseph" simply doesn’t pay. You won’t find advice like this in the scriptures (too Zen), but when it comes to "Joseph" it’s best to simply give up and win.

What: "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," presented by the Palo Alto Players. The show features music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice.

Where: Lucie Stern Theatre, 1305 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto

Cost: Tickets are $21 for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday performances, $25 for Friday and Saturday evenings. Students and seniors receive a
fake ray bans $3 discount for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday performances.Articles Connexes?

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Actress’ murder spotlights dangers in South American nations

It made headlines worldwide when Venezuelan beauty queen and telenovela star Mnica Spear was murdered in a roadside robbery during a holiday vacation in her homeland. But those who track the violence in that country and others nearby weren’t surprised.

They say the threat of violence is
fake ray bans a part of everyday life in Venezuela.

don’t recommend to anyone to travel to Venezuela, said Norma Camero Reno, a Tampa lawyer who visits the South American country regularly to see her daughter. is not a safe country for residents or tourists, and it’s only getting worse. 6 on a desolate highway after the car they were driving struck a sharp object, according to news reports. Their 5 year old daughter was injured in the attack.

Seven people have been arrested in the slayings.

Berry, 39, lived in the capital city of Caracas, even though he was shot 15 years ago in a robbery attempt that killed a friend, according to Britain’s Daily newspaper.

Spear, who was raised in Orlando and studied theater at the University of Central Florida, split her time between Florida and Venezuela.

Reno said: happened to her is an awakening as to what is happening every day to hundreds of Venezuelans. Fortunately, her story made headlines because she is a celebrity. Most of the time, violence against Venezuelans in the country doesn’t get the attention.

The group estimates more than 24,000 people were slain last year.

Many South and Central American countries are experiencing similar violence. Honduras has had the highest murder rate in the world since 2010, with slightly more than 81 murders per 100,000 people from January through November 2012.

Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Guyana are the safest South American countries to
fake ray bans visit, according to the nonprofit Institute for Economics Peace.

The high crime rate in Venezuela is fueled by class violence, organized crime, corruption among security forces, gun proliferation and a weak judicial system, according to InSight Crime, a think tank that researches crime in Latin America.

It says Venezuela also has seen an increase in drug trafficking from neighboring Colombia.

And in Colombia, groups and other criminal organizations continue to kidnap and hold civilians, including foreigners, for ransom or as political bargaining chips, the organization reports.

am 10
discount ray bans times more careful when I visit Colombia, said Angelica Diaz, a native of Cali who has lived in the United States since 2006. hold my purse tighter, I don’t wear jewelry or name brand items, I won’t catch a cab unless I call the company.

have to be careful where you go and keep your eyes open at all times, said Diaz, who once was robbed at a stop sign by a pedestrian wielding a knife. I miss my country. It’s a beautiful place with great food, great weather, warm people, and my family and friends are there, so I go. Her daughter, Sandra Ponce, was attacked and robbed outside an ATM in the same city, where she lives. Another time, thieves on motorcycles pulled a gun on her at a traffic light. Both women were unharmed.

would rather not travel to Venezuela, Reno said. I have no choice; I have a daughter. We’re very lucky nothing worse has happened to us.

don’t fly into Caracas because there is very little security inside the airport, Reno said. the police usually work with the delinquents so you have no protection.

Reno even cautions against taking taxis; the drivers have a reputation for being involved in kidnappings and robberies, she said. She never goes out alone and doesn’t venture out after dark.

Those same tips are especially important for tourists.

She also advises checking out online forums and message boards not just guidebooks
cheap ray bans and reading about the airport where you plan to land.

Nieves, who has worked with people traumatized by violence, advises visitors to study the people in the area and try to blend in.Articles Connexes?

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replica ray bansArticles Connexes?

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How to Tell Good Quality Eyeglasses From Cheap Ones

Determine the
replica ray bans quality of the frames.
cheap ray ban outlet While different materials have different properties, titanium frames are considered to be all around high quality because they are hypoallergenic, lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant and come in a variety of colors. High quality alternatives to titanium are flexon, beryllium and nylon.

Determine the lens material of the glasses. Polycarbonate
cheap ray bans lenses are a higher quality alternative to regular plastic lenses because they are thinner, lighter and and are far more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses. High definition lenses can provide sharper vision than conventional lenses.

Determine the coating on the lenses. Anti reflective coating, scratch resistant coating, anti fog coating and ultraviolet treatment are some
cheap ray bans of the extras that make a lens perform better.Articles Connexes?

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Top 7 Steps to Take Control of Your Life

To begin identifying your values ask yourself these questions:

What is important to me? Wisdom, freedom, happiness, equality, security, self respect,
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet romantic love, money, power, comfortable living,
michael kors handbags outlet fresh air, beauty, controlling others, etc. Rate these values.

Who is important to me?

What or who is most important? Be honest with yourself.

What do I need to do to feel good about myself?

How would you feel if someone you respect knew this was one of your values?

Would you stick by this value?

Is it who you are?

How is this value affecting your life?

Make a list of your 10 top values. Of that 10 choose 4 and of the 4 choose your top two. From this exercise you will see where you need to focus your time and effort.

If tomorrow you knew you could do anything and not fail what would you do? Is there something you are passionate about but are afraid of trying? If you have no idea what your passion is spend some time reflecting on it. To start, write down the types of activities you like to do and the types of activities (hobbies) that make you feel good
Cheap Michael Kors handbags when you do them. What are your special skills and talents don’t be shy usually if it’s something we like to do we are probably good at it. What inspires you?

In order to get what you really want you must start by setting goals. Goals fuel your intent and make your desires concrete. Start by writing the goals for this year in area of personal relationships, work, health, finances and spirituality. List five goals in each category (add more categories if you like). Then break them down into monthly and then weekly goals. Focusing on what you intend in your life will bring it to reality. You create your life so start now by setting your goals.

Goals are worthless without action. If you have written long term and short term goals and prioritized them, you have a plan of action. Just take it one step at a time and do something everyday that takes you closer to where you want to be. Remember
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet however, to live in the present and be thankful for what you have now, enjoying the journey toward your goals.

We all have the same amount of time to use in a day. Why do some people a lot done while others do very little? You have complete control of how much time you spend productively and how much you waste. Plan your days and prioritize your time to get the most out of the time you have. Use time wasters like standing in line or waiting in a doctor’s office to catch up on reading or something else that is important to you.

Do what has to be done to get to where you want to go. Whether it is a mundane task or internal work, putting it off gets us nowhere. You are either going forward or falling
cheap Michael Kors behind; there is no such thing as standing still. Sometimes when we work on ourselves we stop when we get to a place that we need to change. Change
fake Michael kors handbags outlet can be difficult when we have to step out of our comfort zone. The more change is needed the more difficult it is.

Self discipline is the final step that takes all that we have learned and puts it into action. This is a trait that for most of us has to be developed. To reach our goals we must visualize them as already being accomplished and have faith that we can reach them. When you believe in and trust
cheap Michael Kors yourself and have enough desire, self discipline comes easily.Articles Connexes?

Articles Connexes?

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Why Is It That Brindal Berry or Gambooge Is Gaining So Much Popularity All Over The World

Brindal Berry or Gambooge is the common name for Garcinia Cambogia. It is also referred to as brindle berry or Malabar tamarind. This is a small fruit that has a yellowish color. People worldwide are beginning to understand the importance
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet of eating this fruit.

This fruit looks like a mini pumpkin and it is grown in West and Central Africa as well asSoutheast Asia. It thrives
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet in moist forests. The fruit has caught
Michael Kors handbag outlet the attention of thousands of people all across the globe as it is considered to be great for losing weight.

Though Garcinia Cambogia is grown in many parts of the world, the members of the populace in the different parts of the globe use it for a wide variety purposes. However, this
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet fruit is indigenous to countries such asIndonesia,Indiaand various other places inAsia. The fruit also grows exceedingly well in tropical rain forests.

Brindal Berry or Gambooge is a Natural Way to Lose Weight

Since there are a growing number of people
Michael Kors handbag outlet who are obese and overweight, looking for a natural way to lose weight can be difficult. This fruit brings much hope to these people. Along with this fruit, one has to have a good diet and do regular exercise. This way, a person would be able to tackle the issue of obesity slowly but surely.

cheap Michael Kors or hydroxycitric acid can be obtained from the rind of the fruit. Therefore, when a person consumes this fruit, the HCA starts working. It prevents the conversion of excess carbohydrates, found in sugars and starches, to fats. And, in doing so, it prevents the body weight of a person from increasing.

As the fruit works like a natural aid in managing weight and helps in reducing the ability of the body to store fats, this fruit is rapidly gaining popularity across the planet. However, there is more to this fruit than just the ability to lose weight.

This fruit also decreases the acidity levels in the stomach. It can also act as a mild laxative and it also serves as a tonic for the heart. HCA is also an excellent lipogenesis inhibitor. Hence, it can decrease the production of fatty acids and cholesterol in the human body.

Different Regions and Different
Cheap Michael Kors handbags Purposes

In Southeast Asia, Central
Michael Kors handbags outlet andWest Africa, people cultivate the plant for its fruits. People inIndiause this plant as an herbal remedy to treat various ailments like such as constipation, rheumatism, swelling and quite a few other health issues too.Articles Connexes?

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NuVista strikes 10

NuVista strikes 10 year gas processing dealDan Healing, Calgary HeraldColleen De Neve Colleen De NeveCALGARY A week after announcing production curtailments due to third party facility outages, NuVista Energy Ltd. says it has struck a 10 year transport
cheap michael kors and processing deal for an additional 30 million cubic feet per day of natural gas.

The Calgary intermediate announced Tuesday it has inked a take or pay contract with SemCams ULC under which the midstream company will build a 34 kilometre, eight inch extension of its Northwest Wapiti Pipeline to connect more of NuVista’s Montney play production in northwestern Alberta with the SemCams operated Kaybob South 3 or K3 gas plant.

The news came as the National Energy Board issued a report that forecast Canadian production of natural gas will rise from 14 billion cubic feet per day in 2013 to 14.6 Bcf/d in 2016 thanks to rising production from liquids rich gas plays a trend that is stretching take away capacity to its limits in some areas of Alberta.

"The Montney, of course, is huge, it’s bigger than a lot of European countries, but it’s a lot of different play types," said NuVista president and chief executive Jonathan Wright.

"Where we are, we’re a little
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet deeper, a little more expensive to drill but fortunately we’ve got very high condensate rates
replica Michael Kors handbags which puts us in the top 10 to 25 percentile of North American plays."

Last Tuesday, NuVista reported that planned outages at the Keyera Simonette and SemCams K3 gas plants and pipelines, along with an unplanned outage with Pembina Pipelines, had resulted in an estimated production cut of 5,000 to 6,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in the second quarter, nearly a third of its total output.

Wapiti is NuVista’s largest operating area, located south of Grande Prairie.

The SemCams deal is expected to expand NuVista’s transport capacity to 47 mmcf/d of raw gas from its Wapiti Elmworth block to the K3 plant for processing when the pipeline is in service in mid 2015. No capital cost was revealed, nor did the companies give details of their transport and processing agreement.

NuVista is to build a compressor
cheap Michael Kors station to be ready at the same time and said it has already budgeted to drill the wells that will be needed to provide the extra supply of liquids rich sour gas.

Wright said the deal with SemCams will take care of NuVista’s anticipated growth through 2017 but eventually there will need to be a new gas plant with sour gas processing capability.

"We know there’s going to be a significant amount of liquids rich gas coming out of there in addition to ours
fake Michael kors handbags outlet so the answer will be more of all the above," he said. "You’re going to see the existing plants continue to fill up and a new sour plant built."

RBC Dominion Securities analyst Michael Harvey said the deal is positive
cheap Michael Kors outlet for NuVista as it will take its total Wapiti gas processing capacity to 127 mmcf/d or 26,000 boe/d well above its anticipated 2014 exit production rate of 20,000 to 21,000 boe/d.

"We view this as an incremental positive for the NuVista story, providing better visibility for longer term growth from the region," he wrote in a note to investors.

In a separate news release, SemCams’ general manager David Williams said an additional
cheap Michael Kors 30 mmcf/d of capacity can be added if it receives more customer commitments.

"We expect increasing amounts of natural gas and natural gas liquids will be attracted to our facilities in the coming years and we understand how important it is to producers that their products get to market reliably and efficiently," he said.

He said the K3 plant is undergoing investments that have allowed improved propane recoveries of up to 90 per cent and added liquids handling capacity.

The company plans to replace its sulphur recovery unit condenser in June to improve reliability and add truck and rail loading facilities. It said the K3 plant has currently available processing capacity.

Calgary based SemCams is a subsidiary of SemGroup Corp. of Tulsa, Okla.

Wild Things: A white coloured black bear? In Alberta?Every once in awhile, a fun late nightdebate starts on social
cheap Michael Kors handbags media.

On Sunday night, my colleague.

Thomson: Albertans, get ready for more borrowingDavid Dodge, the former governor of the Bank of Canada, has probably never thought of himself as a gun.Articles Connexes?

Articles Connexes?

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Solange Knowles Avoids Rachel Roy At 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards

cheap Michael Kors outlet public truce was apparently called between Solange Knowles and Rachel Roy on Monday evening.

After reportedly getting into a heated fight with the fashion designer at the 2014 Met Gala in May, Solange was seen keeping her distance from Roy at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City.

The event comes a month after the singer famously attacked Jay Z
cheap Michael Kors outlet in
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet an elevator while sister Beyonce stood by, after spotting the rapper flirting with Roy.

But at the
michael kors handbags outlet glamorous event, where Rihanna was given the Fashion Icon Award, the two kept their distance, which is probably for the best.

Solange looked gorgeous in a pewter silk Calvin Klein dress, a poofy afro, a light pink lip and a fierce gaze.

cheap Michael Kors her part, Roy snuggled up to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover gal Chrissy Teigen, and looked fab in a floral dress with a
Michael Kors handbag outlet thigh high slit.

Although they were kept apart, there was still some tension. "Rachel looked uncomfortable," a source told Us Weekly. "They obviously didn’t want to run into Solange and Solange’s people also tried to steer clear of them."

Since the attack, Solange and Jay Z have made up and the family released a
fake Michael Kors statement over the incident.

"The most important thing is that our family has worked through it,” the statement read. "Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility
Michael kors handbags outlet for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.”Articles Connexes?

Articles Connexes?

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